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Miniature Wideband Current Probe

High Speed Current Probe
Miniature Size, Low Insertion Impedeance
Fits into confined locations and adds only .02Ω shunted by 4mh.
Fast Risetime, Wide Bandwidth
The probe has a rise time of less than 1.3nSec and is useful in measuring pulsed currents with widths of 5nSec to 2000nSec.
High Sensitivity and Accuracy
The sensitivity of the probe is 1mV/mA to 7.5V/mA at an accuracy of ±2% when terminated in 50Ω.
Large Signal Response
The 711 Current Probe can measure current pulses up to 100A with ampere-second products of less than 6A-µs.
Meets Military Specifications
The Probe is also available certified tested to MIL-STD 202, Method 107, Condition A (Thermal Shock Test).

Sample Applications

Laser Diode Driver
Directly monitor laser diode waveform and FET gate drive current. Fast risetime, wide current range, minimal circuit disturbance.
Laser Diode Driver Schematic
Signal Injection for Testing Disk Drive Preamp
Signal Injection Schematic

Current Probe Mechanical
Product Sheet