Makers: Electronic DIY Selfers

Are You Creating New and Innovative Electronic Products?

DIY Electronics for Makers Robotics

Never before has there been the ability for beginners and students to buy inexpensive electronic modules and piece them together.

Sites like,, and offer open-source hardware and designs for DIY electronics projects.

These modules are used as building blocks for creating new gadgets and a growing group of individuals is building all kinds of projects that they would not have had the resources for in the past.

Typically, the design cycle starts with an idea. The 'Maker' then creates his/her gadget using open-source hardware and proves the concept. Next the 'Maker' decides to develop a product from their gadget.

You, the 'Maker,' will typically be looking for a total resource center, from concept to finished product help, including patentability.

IST can help you develop your DIY gadget into a fully-fledged, market-ready product. Partner with us and take advantage of this remarkable opportunity!