PCB Reverse Engineering Process Outline

Steps to Recreate PCB:

  1. Create Bill of Materials, collect data sheets, document changes and create ECO if required.
  2. Remove parts and determine capacitor and coil values.
  3. PCB must be cleaned up and cosmetically good for scan.
  4. Scan layers and remove layers as needed.
  5. Perform bit map to vector conversion.
  6. Clean up Gerbers and create NC Drill file.

Steps to Create Schematic from Gerbers:

  1. Extract net list and build parts from Gerber data.
  2. Bring data into Mentor Graphics PADS.
  3. Clean up design.
  4. Build schematic parts and back annotate netlist to schematic program.
  5. Organize schematic.
  6. Verify design.
  7. Modify schematic to ECO if required.
  8. Generate new Gerbers and NC Drill file.

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